1) Slåttevise | The Scythe

2) Svarttrosten | Pipevise | Outlaws Don't Dance Waltzes

3) Leaving Reindalseter | The Passed Test

4) Air an fhéill a-muigh | Kvennaviså |The Night We Drank the           Puirt

5) The Swallow Twine | Many Little Sheeps & Goats Jumping   Around on a Green Meadow | The Waltz of Freedom

6) The Honey Waltz

7) Boat Full O’ Goats

8) Den kaldsteikte | Seljefløyel

9) Crossing By Woods on A Snowy Evening | The Promise

10) Galen-Maret | All The Night I Lay With Jockey | Salt n' Pupper

11) Sætervise frå Stordal | Klovset

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FRIBO HAPP‘  (Fribo Records 00035) 

     Released March 2011


“This album is one of transition and history, it is a document of 4 years spent learning about cultures, the results of time spent playing in many places, interesting travels and good times, all giving us inspiration to write original music starting at the place where Scandinavian and Celtic styles meet.

‘HAPP’ is an old word meaning ‘In good health’ from the Norn language which was once spoken both in Scotland and the Nordic countries, Fribo is in good health and optimistic that in these changing times we can still find the way to the old north...” Fribo


“...nicely crafted and highly 
engaging album” The Scotsman ****
“Love it. Really different,  exciting and
      sounds brilliant!”  Simon Thoumire, Footstompin Records
"a punchy, tight, original band with their own material and approach…" "…very much shaped by tradition can’t be pinned down to either Scotland or Norway; it’s Fribo-music, ingenious and crafted but also satisfyingly melodically shapely, with plenty of variety of pace." fRoots